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Why Can Our Awakening Be So Difficult? Sep 11, 2015

Awakening to our true nature requires courage and radical self honesty.

The first thing you will encounter when endeavoring to be more loving, are all the ways that you resist love.

The first thing you will encounter when asked to relax your...

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The Freedom of Losing Ourselves Aug 25, 2015

Consider this…..

Everything we do that brings us the most pleasure in life has some element of forgetting about our “self” for awhile.

Dancing, listening to music, reading a good book, painting, meditation, our favorite...

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Why Cultivate A Relationship With Your Authentic Nature? Aug 17, 2015

Where we spend time becomes familiar.  Yes?

When we spend time in our practices of presence and awareness,
then our core authentic nature becomes more familiar and accessible to us
than our reactive and conditioned state of being.


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Why Do We Suffer? Aug 15, 2015

Attaching our sense of joy, happiness, love, contentment, abundance, peace, etc..
to external conditions that are impermanent and always changing is an act of conditioned insanity.

Not that we don’t also find joy and enrichment
from the...

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Men – It’s not About Measuring up. It’s about Showing up. Jul 20, 2015

The journey of awakening to our true nature includes the embodiment of acceptance.

Acceptance of all that is, as it is, cannot fully take root unless it can first penetrate the often hard and protected ground of our own personal truths that...

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We Are Perfect Apr 30, 2015

We Are Perfect.
Anything else is a lie told by the fragile ego.

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The Power of Presence – Tuning Our Instrument Apr 29, 2015

A short video presentation about
consciously choosing how we want to show up in the world.

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It’s All Extra-Ordinary Mar 09, 2015

I wasn’t having the experience that I thought I should be having.

Where was the epiphany, the sudden enlightenment, the God experience?

And then the Shaman turned to me and said,

“The problem is, you’re always looking for the...

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Chess Edwards
Reducing Unnecessary Drama in Our Lives
Reducing Unnecessary Drama in Our Lives Oct 21, 2014

Another interview on the Kim Pagano Show.

Subject: Why do we create drama in our lives and how do we reduce it.

I love when I’m invited to be on this program.

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Chess Edwards
Chasing Happiness or Finding Peace
Chasing Happiness or Finding Peace Oct 02, 2014

My interview on the Kim Pagano Show.

Subject: Where do we find our peace and how the pursuit of happiness can lead us astray.

I love when I get to be on this program.

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